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Grintafy app allows to join and organize games anywhere and anytime, rate players post-games that helps in building a football CV that you can showcase to potential scouts or clubs. There is also instant messaging system including group chats for your games. Not only that but also picking man of the match, share your pictures and videos on news feed, monitor your playing performance, and many more!

Grintafy app is available everywhere, if there were no games available around you, you can organize and start a game on your own and send invitations

Not finding games around you means there are no game organizers around you, you can become the first organizer in your area and start organizing games by inviting your friends or players around you through the app.

Unfortunately after saving your skills it is non-editable, the only way is through the rating of your friends after games.

Each season we do tryouts and we pick talented players in our platform to participate, upcoming tryouts will be announced before on our social media pages and Grintafy app to allow players get a chance to upload videos and improve their football CV.

Grintafy is a football social platform for amateur players, where through the platform they are able to join games, sharing football content, raitng players, recording statistics, etc. whereas this data will be analyzed to create a football CV that scouts and clubs can look into and personally communicate with the player, and you can join the platform from anywhere.

Grintafy supports the players through creating an easy direct communication between the scouts and the players in the platform, and if you were a resident in Saudi Arabia with great skills you can have an opportunity to participate in talent scout tryouts that happens every season, soon will be available regionally.

Please try the following:
-Don't start your number with 0
-Make sure SIM card is valid
-Make sure there is mobile signal
-Make sure the number is correct
If the issue continues please contact customer service on the following link:

We are sad to see you leave, we wish you come back soon! If you want to delete your account all you have to do is log out of your account, then uninstall the app, and if you may please share us the reason of why you're leaving to help us improve. Thank you and Grintafy your game